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 Adventure Bird Hunting is much more than just the hunt. As a newly established company, we add value to the Bird Hunting experience, in ways that will make your trip fun and memorable, at any rate, rain or shine. Adventure Bird hunting has exclusive rights for hunting and fishing at various locations. Whether you are new to bird hunting or just a seasoned veteran hunter, our tour will give you and your associates a unique opportunity to hunt in beautiful fields. Book your trip today and take advantage of this memorable experience.

Our Goal is to offer you all the information required in order for you to make good decisions about your next hunting or fishing trip. Having gone to each of our destinations ,we feel confident sending you, knowing that you are about to have the time of your life.
The people of the Caribbean and Central America will show you amazing hospitality like you’ve never seen before.

Major Huntable Birds


Dove_White-winged_2_-_Cave_Creek_Ranch_AZ White-winged and mourning dove – These species are abundant in the area, we can say that at present the population density enables rational , since studies prove it. The staple food of these species is rice and sunflower , and other wild seeds . They also have exceptional condition shelter and nesting areas all over the country. The laurel is approx. 28 cm . White-winged and 30 cm . These two species are very attractive to the shooter , the high degree of difficulty that provide for the shot , then develop a erratic flight at high speed , especially the laurel , which tests all the skills and expertise of the hunter.
Callipepla_californica2 Quail – This species has a significant presence in the area , especially in livestock pastures and cultivated areas . With this kind need to have a strict control and demand that meet the standard game, it is very sensitive to overexploitation. In the territory it has good food and shelter conditions. The male is 25 cm. Has the white brow which reaches to the throat. The female is smaller and less brightly colored. Besides for the delicacy of its flesh, it is highly prized by hunters, for the hunt, and tests all the qualities and elegance of Pointing Dogs. Usually it is found in small flocks of 12 to 20 individuals .
torcaza Torcaza Cabeciblanca – This species is migratory and Paloma sets its routes in the Caribbean and Central American area . In our territory is abundant between the months of May and September , in these months establishes its colonies and nests in the Keys and inhospitable forests , preferably near the coast , travels great distances in search of food and it is at these crossing points where he makes the shot, after the reproductive stage . Eat wild seeds and palm kernel ( royal palm fruit ) , guao , hicacos , hump , pendejera , etc. . It measures between 33 and 35 cm. Is black ash uniform throughout the body and a white cap on the top of the head, which it owes its name. It brings a very sporting challenge to the shoot.
fauna_yaguasin Yaguasín – This species is from Central America, mainly Mexico , emigrated to Cuba in the sixties and has acclimated very well. Large populations of the same have been established in the country and nest on the rice or water flooded coastal savannas, although migrations occur. The staple diet is rice also feeds on grasses and other wild seeds. It measures about 53 cm. and their meat is highly prized, their hunt takes a lot of effort and skill on the part of the hunter, it is a very shrewd and surly bird. It is very abundant in the lakes and reservoirs of the territory, especially in coastal systems around the rice. In flight, emits a characteristic call that identifies similar to a whistle. In other countries is known as Tawny Whistling Duck or Pichigüila in Central America.
SONY DSC Huyuyo – Although it has been acclimated migratory and resident populations currently exist in the country , its population is increasingly growing. Preferably nests in tree holes made by other birds at some point . The male is very brightly colored and ends in a plume head that gives it a distinctive surface of a duck and stands on the flight because his tail is long and square and stretches the neck with a well defined head, you usually see them in pairs . It feeds on plant material, herbs and grains. It measures about 46 cm .
Pato-cuchara-8298 Pato Cuchara/Spoonbill or Shoveler – is distinguished from other ducks by its long spatula or spoon, shaped beak which takes its common name . It rests on the water, floating, leaning forward and heading downstream. He hangs his head splashing in the water looking for food . It is one of the most abundant species in Cuba. It’s kind feeds on small invertebrates, plankton and plant material dissolved in the water, asserting its beak to filter the shallow waters . It measures about 50 cm. The male exhibits striking colors, ranging from white and red wine in the chest and abdomen, to dark green iridescent neck and head, black beak and orange legs . Its flesh is not of the best .
Pato-golondrino-Northern-Pintail-canard-pilet-7 Pezcuecilargo or Banana Duck – Duck has a sleek -looking surface, which reaches 65 cm. in length. The male has a brown head and a white breast with spotted feathers resembling those of banana. In other countries it is known as Northern Pintail, due to the length of the two central tail feathers and American Pintail. The greatest length of her neck, allows access to food at a depth slightly greater than that of other dabbling ducks. Consume primarily aquatic vegetation, which adds some mollusks, crustaceans and aquatic insects, also focuses on rice plantations, which gets plenty of food. Prefers coastal lagoons and wetlands, is rare in deep reservoirs.
American Wigeon (Bolsa Chica, Nov.) Pato Lavanco-American Wigeon – Duck is a large surface, feeding on legumes and herbs, which gets even on land, much depends on the specific grains and rice . The male has large white wing patches, reddish body even with the front of a creamy yellow, has a bright green stripe from the eyes to the neck on both sides of the head, auxiliary both sexes are white. It measures about 55 cm. and other Overseas countries known as American Wigeon .
Blue-winged Teal, Famosa Slough, 19-Apr-05 (8) L Blue-winged Duck or Florida – is the most abundant migratory duck , is very common in Cuba , is also known for Blue-winged Teal . It is dark brown on the back , below is spotted pink buff black evenly on the head is dark bluish gray with a white crescent on face, has large blue patches on the wings that make it distinctive in females these colors are opaque. They have great speed in flight and gather in large flocks. It is virtually any water aquatic habitat static or slow stream , preferably the shallow and abundant vegetation. It feeds mainly on seeds , and vegetable matter and some invertebrates , it is considered a pest , as most of the time rice seedlings start to feed on the seeds. It measures 38 cm . and is highly prized by hunters due to sport hunting and meat quality .